Large Excavator Design Extends Service Life by Half

SANY launched the SY395H and the SY750H large excavators, designed for mine construction. The two models improve efficiency by 8%-10% over predecessor competition, and drop fuel consumption by 10%, the company said. The strengthened working devices and wear-resistant bucket enhance the digging force, the company reported. The design and manufacturing techniques extend the service life by 50%. In addition, the excavators can be equipped with versa-tile parts and attachments, such as extension jib, breaker, cutter and ripper for different uses.

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System Facilitates Changing Crusher Head Nuts by Hand

Technofast Industries developed the EziTite Hydraulic HeadNut system to facilitate changing out head nuts on gyratory crushers. The system features a reusable hydraulic clamping nut, which uses a hand pump to develop the precise tensile load required, integrated mechanical locking screws and a protective wear cover. The assembly is screwed by hand onto the crusher shaft (replacing the original nut) until the base is tight. Hydraulic pressure is then applied. The locking screws are then engaged and the wear cover bolted in place. When it is time to remove the HeadNut, the installation procedure is simply reversed and the nut is removed by hand. The system eliminates the need for use of flogging spanners, sledge hammers, and cutting torches.

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Dust Suppressants and Ground Control Agents

Quaker Chemical Corp. recently showcased its DUSTGRIP dust suppressants and MINETECH ground control agents.

DUSTGRIP JFP-95 presents as a solid material in a cylindrical shape and can be added to any system through a variety of prefabricated manifolds, the company reported. This eliminates the need for a liquid addition pump, and allows the strength of the suppressant solution to be adjusted quickly, or completely shut off. The solid material allows for a more compacted container size than a liquid dust suppressant, which means less storage area.

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Logic Controller Enables Hot Swapping

The new ABB Jokab Safety Pluto programmable logic controller (PLC) is designed to enable hot swapping for replacement with just the removal of the old terminal caps and a push of a button. If wired correctly, the PLC maintains a Performance Level e, Category 4, for up to 10 devices on the same input circuit. It can also work with traditional dual-channel safety devices. Additional features include advanced diagnostics that allow quick identification of the error’s location with a solid red LED, while all downstream devices will flash red and green. Upstream devices will remain solid green.

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First Aid and Trauma Technology

American Rock Salt, the largest producing salt mine in the U.S., has gone above and beyond compliance to improve safety — by installing the life-saving Mobilize Rescue System throughout its facilities. American Rock Salt’s environmental manager, Joe Bucci Jr., explained that the mine has a safety program that is “both proactive and effective.”

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New Valves for Canadian Market

NCI Canada Inc. announced a new line of commercial iron body valves for the Canadian marketplace. The line consists of iron body butterfly, gate, globe and check valves. All meet all industry standards and are registered in all Canadian Provinces and Territories, the company reported. The gate, globe, and commercial check valves have bolted bonnets and are bronze mounted with renewable discs and seats, and upgraded graphite packing and body gaskets. Butterfly and gate valve sizes range from 2 in. to 24 in. Globe and check valve sizes range from 2 in. to 12 in.

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Fifth Generation Spectrometer

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments introduced the SPECTRO MIDEX MID05

spectrometer. The spectrometer is a fifth-generation, fast, accurate, small-spot energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer for precious metal testing, the company reported. It incorporates the latest developments in ED-XRF detector technology using high count rate and high resolution. Benefits include high precision, ease of use, reliability, improved speed, compact design and global support, the company reported.

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Blasthole Pre-treatment Lubricates, Seals

Blastboss released Holeguard, a multi-function blasthole pre-treatment that, the company reported, combats poor collaring, hole decay and wall instability. Holeguard is a concentrated micro-emulsion of water soluble co-polymers designed to deliver maximum drilling efficiencies by reducing friction, increasing cuttings removal, sealing drill collars for dust control and stabilizing blast hole walls to minimize wall collapse. Holeguard is supplied as a liquid dispersion formulation that reacts rapidly at minimal dosage rates, penetrating deep into the strata surrounding a blast hole and providing lubrication to the hole, increasing the lifting capacity for cuttings transportation and encapsulating water sensitive clays or shales, the company reported.

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Software Integration Unites Production With Finance

RPMGlobal (RPM) integrated two of its digital mine offerings, AMT and XERAS Enterprise, bringing together production, maintenance, simulation and financial planning offerings. The integration of AMT and XERAS Enterprise breaks down the divisions of maintenance, production and finance. AMT features the Dynamic Lifecycle Costing (DLCC) engine. DLCC is the process of real-time forecasting every maintenance event for an asset to the end of its useful life. XERAS Enterprise is a zero-based budgeting solution and enterprise platform. With SAP-certified integration, XERAS Enterprise delivers a live forecasting environment. XERAS Enterprise also delivers cost-driver, scenario and what-if analysis straight out of the box, the company reported.

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