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New Rotary Blasthole Drill

Caterpillar announced its new MD6310 rotary blasthole drill enables efficiency and productivity improvements. Cat electronics deliver advanced troubleshooting for efficient drill operation and scalable automation, the company reported. The building blocks include drill assist, semiautonomous and remote-control operation, and machine health reporting. Ideal for 12-meter (m) and 15-m bench heights, the rig is application-built for efficient single-pass drilling down to 13.7 m (44.9 ft) or 17.5 m (57.4 ft), depending on mast configuration. It offers up to 30° angle holes for cast blasting.

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Filter Kits for Mobile Equipment

Kolberg-Pioneer Inc. (KPI) has new filter kits for all of its equipment that improve engine performance in dusty environments. The filter kits cover all access doors and openings. They can be easily retrofitted to any model. The filter media is replaceable using a simple retention system with positive locking pins and clips. The media can also be purchased in bulk.

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Tests Prove Off-road Engine Runs at 315 kW

Volvo Penta announced higher power output for its latest 11-liter diesel engine, now rated at up to 315 kW, from the initial 285 kW. The higher power output has been verified through extensive testing. The engine features a matching exhaust after treatment system that complies with forthcoming European Union Stage V emissions regulations. It is equipped with a fixed-geometry turbo. The air inlet throttle, together with the uncooled exhaust gas recirculation, and the electrical exhaust pressure governor deliver highly effective heat management of the engine, the company reported. This enables the system to function without the need to inject fuel into the exhaust stream.

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Cone Feeder Reduces Needed Equipment

Deister Machine Co. Inc. introduced the new EMCO 360 Crusher Optimizer Feeder, a two-mass electromechanical vibrating feeder. Featuring a 360° discharge opening, the unit distributes a homogeneous feed to cone crushers, keeping cones choke-fed for optimum efficiency, greater manganese wear life, improved production rates, and the consistent yield of a more cubicle product. The feeder eliminates the need for two pieces of equipment, the traditional flat pan feeder and a rotating feed distributor, the company said. Its design incorporates the action of the rotating feed distributor to evenly distribute the material into the cone to minimize uneven rock buildup within the crusher. It is available in a range of sizes and capacities.

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Light Tipper Body For Indian Market Ups Payloads

SSAB Shape released the 20.3-m3 Mining Tipper body for the Indian market. It is 20% lighter than existing solutions in India, upping payload by 1.3 tons, SSAB reported. The body was manufactured by one of India’s largest truck trailer manufacturers, an SSAB partner, and the first body producer in India to join the Hardox in My Body network of producers. Scania is promoting the body on the Scania P440 8x4 Mining Tipper.

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New Version of Explosive Engineers’ Mobile App

Dyno Nobel released a new version of its Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App. Key features include complete product specifications and application uses for Dyno Nobel products; custom blasting calculators; real-time Dyno Nobel updates; unit conversions, blast design terminology, definitions and formulas; worldwide accessibility to all features.

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New Drives Have Smaller Footprint

Rockwell Automation unveiled the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 medium-voltage AC drives for compressors, pumps and fans. The drives deliver a voltage range of 2.4 to 11 kilovolts (kV) and provide 100% starting torque, leveraging sensor-less vector control. The drives can be used for applications with output-voltage ratings up to 11 kV and motor current ratings up to 680 amps, while remaining an air-cooled design. With eco-designed main cooling fans, the drives meet EC Regulation 327 and ErP Directive 2009. A tertiary winding on the isolation transformer provides internal power for the fans.

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Void Scanner Update

Renishaw released a new version of the Void Scanner cavity monitoring system. It produces fast, accurate 3-D laser scans of voids where access is limited, dangerous or prohibited, the company reported. System improvements include better internal gearings, enhanced point cloud quality and surfacing, and improved data accuracy for better on-site decision-making, the company reported.

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Button Bit Series Beats Predecessor Competition

Robit released its Evolution button bit series for use in tunneling and drift applications. Testing on Scandinavian granite yielded grinding intervals up to 60% longer and a lifetime increase of 20% over conventional hard rock button bits, Robit said. The 76-mm Retrac button bit features a new face design ensuring uniform pressure distribution and efficient flushing, both of which reduce bit erosion, the company reported. The 102-mm bits were tested on hard and abrasive rock formations in Pennsylvania with results that revealed a doubling of achieved meters over previous models, the company said.

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System for Customizing Truck Bodies

Philippi-Hagenbuch announced deployment of Predictive Load, a system that customizes HiVol and Load Profiled truck bodies per customer specifications. The system considers the materials and haul cycles to provide accurate analysis of the loads, the company reported. In addition, it considers the loading height and the type of loading equipment the mine is using, since each interacts with a truck body differently. Matching the truck body to the loading height and equipment minimizes damage to the loading equipment as well as the truck body’s sides. It also ensures optimal load centering, which improves the life of the truck chassis and tires as well as reduces damaging impacts from loads. The system also ensures the truck body floor has the appropriate configuration and is angled correctly for sufficient dumping and the greatest practical chute dump clearance.

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