TMEIC GE, a joint venture between TMEIC (Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric) and General Electric, has introduced the TM-AC line of green, energy-saving motors, designed as a direct replacement for Series 800 Frame-size DC motors, matching DC motor electrical characteristics and performance. According to the supplier, TM-AC structural and design specifications achieve up to a 4.4% efficiency improvement over existing motors, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions and improved operating efficiency.

Designed for optimal performance in harsh operating environments, TMEIC TM-AC motors use water-resistant bearings and incorporate improvements over the company’s conventional bearing designs, doubling the greasing interval to achieve the longest lubrication interval available by any supplier. The new  motors are based on JEC-2137/IEC 60034-1 standards to maintain compatibility with mechanical dimensions and electrical performance of DC motors.

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