Sub Surface ProfilerGround Penetrating Radar for Underground Applications

Reutech Mining has introduced a compact and convenient ground penetrating radar system that is claimed to be more user-friendly than comparable products currently available. The Sub Surface Profiler (SSP) is described as a low-cost, lightweight GPR designed specifically for the challenges of the underground mining environment, weighing less than 4.5 kg with a patented, compact ergonomic design that allows one-handed operation by one person in much the same way as a paint roller. The SSP has been designed to be extremely power efficient, and uses small, rechargeable batteries that can be replaced during operation. Collected data is wirelessly transmitted to a tablet computer, where it is processed in real time, providing instant feedback about fault structures that may be present up to 6 m inside a rock mass.

Vibrating Grizzly Feeder Features Robust Design, Safer UpkeepVibrating Grizzly Feeder Features Robust Design, Safer Upkeep

Superior Industries’ Freedom vibrating grizzly feeder (VGF) is available in configurations to feed up 1,400 tons per hour (t/h). According to the company, it has engineered several key differentiating features into its design, including a much more robust pan section for improved impact resistance and durability, and grizzly cartridges designed to bolt into the feeder’s frame—one set of bars is applicable for flat or 5° applications, so owners can limit their stock to one style. Bottle-jack lifting points are built into the spring section of the Freedom VGF, which eliminates lifting of the pan with cranes or bucket loaders for spring replacement, thus increasing safety during this common maintenance task. The new VGF is offered in pan widths of 36 in. to 60 in. Options include customization to the feeder’s width, grizzly sections, punch plate and finger deck. 

Economical Mine Door is Easy to InstallEconomical Mine Door is Easy to Install

The EcoVent door from American Mine Door is specifically designed as an alternative to traditional reusable underground doors. According to the company, the new design offers improved safety and durability while addressing an industry challenged with tighter operating constraints and reduced budgets. EcoVent mine doors use a patented opposing wing design that utilizes equalized air pressure so doors will not slam closed—significantly reducing the potential for injuries. Door wings are connected so when one wing is opening the other wing also opens simultaneously in the opposite direction, and their corrugated panels minimize weight, maximize strength and keep pricing affordable. EcoVent doors can be installed on either a 6 x 12 pitch or at 90°. Wing assemblies are installed between the roof and the floor with adjustable telescopic members that offer a 4-ft range. Safety hooks that secure directly to the mine roof are incorporated for additional safety. The doors are claimed to be easily installable without need of hardware or special tools, and their lightweight design makes it easy to move them for reuse throughout years of service. Customers can specify different control options as needed. 

New Tire Fill Formulations Protect Wheel Rims

Accella Tire Fill Systems announced availability of its newest TLC tire and rim protection line, designed specifically for mining equipment. Accella, makers of the patented TyrFil polyurethane liquid fill, now offers its TLC line in four formulations: HT, Pro, Extreme and Tundra. TLC acts as a coolant, conditioning the wheel and coating the inside of rims to protect them from rust and deterioration. According to the company, the new tire and rim protection offering was determined by independent field testing to deliver superior resistance against corrosion even in the most extreme weather conditions, with formulations available to provide freeze protection levels from 20°F to -40°F. TLC formulations are claimed to be non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous.

Power Transmission Belts are Stronger, Smaller, Quieter

Continental has introduced three new power transmission belts for the mining industry: The Hy-T Wedge, SilentSync and Conti Synchrochain Carbon. The Hy-T Wedge has a new EPDM compound offering a broader operating temperature range and improved heat resistance. It also has new optimized tooth profile that improves flexibility and reduces belt fatigue to improve life. SilentSync has an exclusive tooth profile that reduces noise up to 19 dB compared with other straight tooth synchronous products. The sprockets use a flangeless design that is self-tracking and saves space, and continuous rolling engagement of the belt and sprocket reduce vibration. Conti Synchrochain Carbon is the strongest synchronous belt Continental offers, and uses ultra high-strength polyurethane and carbon cord to deliver more power in a smaller package.

Escp Nemisys N95Bucket Protection System Expands its Range

ESCO Corp. recently unveiled its newest Nemisys product, the N95 cast lip system, which extends the range of the Nemisys system and provides additional features that improve safety, inventory management and productivity. ESCO’s Securelift lifting system is now incorporated into the lip shrouds, providing mining crews with a more complete, purpose-built solution for handling worn parts. Integral shroud locks reduce the amount of replacement parts that need to be ordered, lowering inventory effort and costs. The system also offers weight savings over competitive and legacy systems of up to 22%. Nemisys N95 is available in three cast lip sizes and is an equivalent upgrade from the S-Series legacy system. 

CXT Explorer 2016 konecranesPortable Crane System Uses Shipping Containers for Base

Konecranes has developed a system that mounts its popular CXT electric overhead traveling crane on a steel frame and two standard ISO shipping containers to create a powerful, adaptable, fully mobile crane, the CXT Explorer. The CXT Explorer is a standard industrial crane that can be taken almost anywhere, and can be assembled, ready to lift, in just a few hours using standard shipping containers as its base. With a lifting height of 5 m and a span of 5 m, there is clearance for most field lifting needs, yet its compact size allows easy travel. The crane can be dismantled quickly, and the shipping containers double as storage for the crane components, service tools, equipment, and spare parts. It is adaptable to different environments, including sites with little or no infrastructure, and can run on a generator if there is no permanent source of electricity. It includes thermal and weather protection for use in extreme climates and on difficult terrain. The entire crane footprint can be covered with a special tent to shield users from the weather. The units can also be tethered together to provide a longer system.

Panther T14RRough-terrain Dumper Carries Big Payloads With Stability

Prinoth, a leading manufacturer of tracked vehicles, has released the newest model in the Panther series, the T14R rotating dumper. The T14R is designed to allow continuous rotation of the upper portion of the vehicle independently from the undercarriage. With its 13,200-kg (29,100-lb) payload capacity, it is claimed to have the largest payload of any vehicle in its category. The rotating separation of the vehicle allows work in tight areas where other vehicles may not have access. Featuring a large-wheels/tandem-suspension undercarriage design unique to the Panther vehicles, the T14R offers increased off-road capability and stable transport of material over rough terrain. It is also claimed to differentiate itself from the competition by its top speed of 13 km/h (8.1 mph) and its narrower width of less than 102 in. A new direction-reset convenience feature has been added; by simply pushing a button, the operator can automatically reset the vehicle’s upper and lower portion alignment.

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