Bete Fog Nozzle’s new MaxiPass L is claimed to feature the ultimate clog-resistant design with largest free passage available in a full cone nozzle. According to the company, conventional low-flow whirl nozzles use a whirl-vane element machined from bar stock and have a variety of slots or holes strategically oriented to produce a vortex.

Typically, the edges of these critically toleranced features are sharp and therefore, subject to accelerated corrosion rates. Corrosion of these surfaces removes material and this, in turn, affects spray performance. The smooth surfaces of the S-shaped MaxiPass L vane are less subject to such corrosion, and are made from 316 stainless steel, even in nozzles with brass bodies, giving extended nozzle lifetime. In addition, says the supplier, the S-shaped vane offers larger free passage than the vanes of conventional compact axial full cone nozzles, improving process reliability through greater resistance to clogging.

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