Dyno Nobel DriftShot electronic initiation systemDyno Nobel and joint venture partner DetNet now offer the DriftShot electronic initiation system—the newest addition to the Dyno Nobel electronic initiation system suite. DriftShot gives underground blasters the advantages associated with electronic initiation while retaining the easy tie-in characteristics similar to the NONEL initiation system. DriftShot, according to the supplier, was designed specifically to provide an easy-to-use and reliable electronic initiation system. Its electronic accuracy can help deliver such benefits as better advance rates and improved wall stability. DriftShot has flexible timing options that assist in providing more consistent fragmentation and reduced overbreak as part of optimizing underground development blasting.

The Blast Control Unit for DriftShot enables blast initiation from a remote and safe location through a coded signal and has the ability to work on multiple communication backbones. It has a smart key, and a password is required to help assure safety and security.

The DriftShot initiation system was designed with easy-to-use timing templates for the blaster, which can also be customized for specific applications. The Blast Control Unit allows for up to 200 detonators per channel to be fired. DriftShot also offers minimal components at the face—just the electronic DriftShot detonator in the borehole and a two-wire busline.

The DriftShot Tagger is a handheld device that communicates with detonators and collects data. The Tagger identifies and tests each detonator contained in the blast. Furthermore, the Tagger has easy-to-use menus, is fast and user friendly.

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