Brokk TE160 Rock DrillBrokk said it brings Goliath-sized drilling power in a David-sized package for mining and tunneling applications with the latest TE160 hydraulic drifter rock drill from TEI Rock Drills. When paired with the Brokk 100 or Brokk 160 carrier, the new drill attachment is claimed to be superior to the alternative—jackleg rigs—for drilling in cramped spaces. The Brokk/TEI combination eliminates fatigue caused by operating the heavy handheld tools, improves overall drilling accuracy and promotes safety by allowing operators to stand farther away from the drilling site. Operators can take the 45-in.-tall (114-cm) Brokk 100 units into areas with 6-ft (1.8-m) height clearances; in addition, when the arms and stabilizer legs are folded in, the Brokk 100 is less than 31 in. wide. At just under 26 in. long, the TE160 is the smallest drill attachment from TEI, yet it delivers 35 to 60 ft-lb of impact energy at 5,000 to 6,500 blows per minute. The drill also produces 100 lb-ft of torque and reaches rotation speeds of up to 250 rpm. The new drill is easy to handle, as its controls are integrated into the Brokk control systems. 



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