Yaskawa’s new MV1S is described as an easy to operate, highly reliable medium-voltage adjustable frequency drive. The MV1S is available in numerous medium-voltage classes, including 2.4 kV to 2,100 kW, 3/3.3 kV to 2,500 kW, 4.16 kV up to 2,900 kW, 6/6.6 kV up to 5,000 kW and 11 kV up to 7,500 kW. Different input and output voltage combinations are also available. New features include instantaneous speed search during momentary power loss, input current waveforms without harmonics, sinusoidal output voltage waveforms, low torque ripple, highly efficient V/f patterns, constant or variable torque operation for any industrial application, automatic switching between AC inverter and commercial power source, energy savings and multiple motor operation. Each individual power cell can be removed for maintenance, and the enhanced trace function reduces downtime, and simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting. This feature helps provide a 300,000 MTBF rating.

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