Deister Machine Co. offers its new Ultra-Fines Recovery System (UFR), which is designed to recover ultra-fine sands and silts in quarry applications, or to recover tailings in various mining applications, allowing operations to eliminate or greatly reduce the use of maintenance-intensive settling ponds.

As a more cost-efficient alternative to the use of plate filter presses, for example, the Deister Ultra-Fines Recovery System enables producers to create a dry tailing or silt product, which can be stockpiled prior to removal, or used as a saleable product.

The Deister UFR System is capable of recoveries to 350-400 mesh, and at feed capacities from 1,500-3,500 gpm (5,700-13,250 l/min). It utilizes a radial distribution manifold for even distribution of solids to all cyclones. The reverse-slope vibrating screen is available in sizes up to 7-ft wide and 12-ft long, with solids capacities up to 70 tph.

Other features include:

  • UFR System Cyclones available with a variety of liner and body materials.
  • Victaulic connections allow for flexibility and ease of maintenance.
  • “Duck Bills” can be attached to the cyclone apex with siphon control to accommodate variable feed solids conditions.
  • The sump is constructed with heavily reinforced ¼-in. walls and wide flange beam vertical columns. 
  • A sloped bottom plate promotes even solids flow to the pump inlet and an automatically adjusted make-up water valve protects the pump.
  • A sturdy hand railed stairway and platform on both sides and back of the screen allow for safe access.
  • Several pump configurations are available mounted on a steel frame base pad.

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