Bucyrus International has unveiled its newest rope shovel, the Bucyrus 495HR2. The “Super 2,” as it is known, offers Bucyrus innovations such as HydraCrowd and the LatchFree Dipper System, along  with AC-IGBT electrics. The AC-IGBT drive system offers Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) functionality, providing immediate fault identification, condition monitoring, and troubleshooting tools. These integrated systems provide the platform for AccessDirect, Bucyrus remote diagnostics package that allows shovel monitoring from any remote location.

The shovel offers a 12% increase in maximum propel torque, according to Bucyrus, for improved maneuverability on soft ground. The upgraded propel power system can also be retrofitted to existing Bucyrus 495HR/HF rope shovels. Bucyrus’ LatchFree Dipper System replaces the conventional latch assembly with a steel link, removing critical latch components from the harsh environment of the lower dipper door. The company claims the system provides less unplanned maintenance, increased shovel uptime and enhanced productivity. The HydraCrowd feature eliminates the heavy inertial loading of rack and pinion-style crowd systems by locating the hydraulic power pack on the machinery house deck. According to Bucyrus, this approach minimizes unplanned shovel downtime associated with the shovel’s front end, while major maintenance for the cylinder is extended to 24-month intervals, eliminating the need to regularly change crowd and retract ropes.

Bucyrus notes that a two-year, $1-million-plus R&D effort provided guidance for a redesign of the shovel cab that includes many new operator comfort and safety features. An ergonomic, fully adjustable operator’s seat includes infinitely variable armrests and a fully pneumatic suspension system with an integrated air compressor. The armrests can float with the operator’s arms during operation, facilitating unimpeded armrest movement toward the body, away from the body, and into resting positions on the operator’s legs. Structurally, the cab is supported by an extended machine house underneath for improved stability. In addition, the cab is mounted on shock-absorbing rubber isolators, while rattle-free cabinet and closet door fasteners ensure a quiet work environment, and drawers with a patented dual latching system won’t open unexpectedly during shovel operation. The operator’s station has been repositioned to offer unobstructed vertical line-of-sight extending from the crawler tracks to the point sheave, also providing improved right-hand and blind-side visibility. Exterior cameras linked to video monitors in the cab allow greater situational awareness during digging, haul truck spotting and propelling.

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