Atlas Copco announced with the introduction of the Secoroc COP 44 Gold DTH hammer, its COP Gold range is now complete. According to the company, the COP 44 Gold hammer offers many of the same features as the rest of the COP Gold line, including a specially designed piston for efficient energy transfer; control tube suspension with new steel disc compression rings and new lower buffer rings; steel grade hammer casing provides greater impact strength and excellent wear resistance; and excellent flushing capabilities. Atlas Copco says the Secoroc GOLD line has a 10% to 15% longer service life than equivalent hammers, and can be rebuilt as many as three times at a fraction of the cost of a new hammer. With the Secoroc COP 44 Gold’s TD40 12-spline bit shank and bit designs—such as the high-performance Rocket bit—this hammer is equipped to handle any rock formation, according to the company. In addition, modern high-pressure rigs can get the full benefit of drilling with the COP 44 Gold due to its 35-bar (500 psi) rating. When paired with Secoroc DTH premium bits, Gold DTH hammers can produce blastholes ranging from 4 5/6-in. to 5 1/8-in. diameter.

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