Dust Control Technology has developed a family of tower mounts for its atomized misting equipment that extends droplet hang time and range, while providing more precise aiming capability. By delivering millions of 50-200 micron droplets per minute from above dust-generating activities, tower-mounted units help commercial operations achieve superior particle control and prevent dust from migrating off-site, according to the company. Designed to withstand wind loads of at least 100 mi/hr, the towers are constructed of carbon steel pipe, hot dip galvanized to resist corrosion. Three tower sizes are currently available: The 6-in. base tube is generally employed on tower heights under 15 ft, and is compatible with the standard oscillation package. For greater elevation, 8-in.-diameter towers are used, and for heavy-duty applications 10-in.-diameter flange-mounted towers are available, which are secured directly into concrete. Available in heights up to 20 ft, the large diameter allows hoses and power cords to be routed inside the tower for protection and a “cleaner” appearance. The flange-mounted units feature programmable oscillation, with a customer-settable range from 0-359º. Climbing rungs, work platforms, booster pumps and additive metering systems are all available as options. Once installed, users have two options for raising and lowering the tower: A manual jack allows operators to use the jack handle to change the height. When fitted with an optional electric jack, height changes can be made via the control panel or remote control unit. www.dustboss.com

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