Tri-Mer Corp., a developer of advanced technologies for the control of VOCs, fine particulate and industrial gases, has introduced UltraTemp Filtration, a hot gas filtration system that filters fine particulate to extremely low levels. The heart of the system is a new generation of ceramic filters. Filters used in the UltraTemp Filtration system are manufactured from low-density ceramic fibers that provide exceptionally high resistance to thermal shock. This makes the filters very ductile and resistant to crack formation. The unique composition of the ceramic fibers give the UltraTemp filters an exceptional ability to capture fine particulates at the fiber surface, without blinding. The UltraTemp Filtration system provides optimal filtration for gases between 400°F and 1,000°F, and in most cases can be applied to hot gas streams up to a maximum operating temperature of 1,650°F. Typical filtration results are 0.001 grain/dscf (2 mg/Nm3); many results are a fraction of this typical value. Possible applications include metal smelting, mineral processing and chemical production. The system features an option for dry injection of calcium or sodium-based sorbents for the capture of acid gases.

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