Shell Lubricants has launched a new, improved range of Shell Gadus greases, having been designed to meet the challenges of the biggest, fastest and largest equipment in operation today, in some of the coldest, hottest and most extreme conditions. Shell Gadus S2 V20XKD, Shell Gadus S5 V460 and Shell Gadus S5 U100KD—previously branded as Alvania EP Arctic Moly, Albida SLC460 and Darina XL 102 Moly—are all multipurpose, extreme–pressure greases designed to work well even in the coldest conditions. They form part of the new Gadus range, which Shell claims can offer the reliability, long lifespan and superior performance required for the latest generation of heavy-duty mining equipment. They have been specially developed for extreme low temperature application with good pumpability and can be dispensed through standard lubrication equipment. Two of the three greases contain molybdenum disulphide and a balance of additives for anti-wear, extreme-pressure, load-carrying capabilities. According to Shell, the redesign of the Gadus range is aligned with a refresh of the entire range of its industrial lubricants and Spirax transmission fluids which eliminated products with overlapping applications—or whose technology had been replaced by more advanced formulas—and improving choice by adding specialty and synthetic products.

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