Equipment Gallery - November 2017

Large Excavator Design Extends Service Life by Half

SANY launched the SY395H and the SY750H large excavators, designed for mine construction. The two models improve efficiency by 8%-10% over predecessor competition, and drop fuel consumption by 10%, the company said. The strengthened working devices and wear-resistant bucket enhance the digging force, the company reported. The design and manufacturing techniques extend the service life by 50%. In addition, the excavators can be equipped with versa-tile parts and attachments, such as extension jib, breaker, cutter and ripper for different uses.

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System Facilitates Changing Crusher Head Nuts by Hand

Technofast Industries developed the EziTite Hydraulic HeadNut system to facilitate changing out head nuts on gyratory crushers. The system features a reusable hydraulic clamping nut, which uses a hand pump to develop the precise tensile load required, integrated mechanical locking screws and a protective wear cover. The assembly is screwed by hand onto the crusher shaft (replacing the original nut) until the base is tight. Hydraulic pressure is then applied. The locking screws are then engaged and the wear cover bolted in place. When it is time to remove the HeadNut, the installation procedure is simply reversed and the nut is removed by hand. The system eliminates the need for use of flogging spanners, sledge hammers, and cutting torches.

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Dust Suppressants and Ground Control Agents

Quaker Chemical Corp. recently showcased its DUSTGRIP dust suppressants and MINETECH ground control agents.

DUSTGRIP JFP-95 presents as a solid material in a cylindrical shape and can be added to any system through a variety of prefabricated manifolds, the company reported. This eliminates the need for a liquid addition pump, and allows the strength of the suppressant solution to be adjusted quickly, or completely shut off. The solid material allows for a more compacted container size than a liquid dust suppressant, which means less storage area.

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Logic Controller Enables Hot Swapping

The new ABB Jokab Safety Pluto programmable logic controller (PLC) is designed to enable hot swapping for replacement with just the removal of the old terminal caps and a push of a button. If wired correctly, the PLC maintains a Performance Level e, Category 4, for up to 10 devices on the same input circuit. It can also work with traditional dual-channel safety devices. Additional features include advanced diagnostics that allow quick identification of the error’s location with a solid red LED, while all downstream devices will flash red and green. Upstream devices will remain solid green.

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First Aid and Trauma Technology

American Rock Salt, the largest producing salt mine in the U.S., has gone above and beyond compliance to improve safety — by installing the life-saving Mobilize Rescue System throughout its facilities. American Rock Salt’s environmental manager, Joe Bucci Jr., explained that the mine has a safety program that is “both proactive and effective.”

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New Valves for Canadian Market

NCI Canada Inc. announced a new line of commercial iron body valves for the Canadian marketplace. The line consists of iron body butterfly, gate, globe and check valves. All meet all industry standards and are registered in all Canadian Provinces and Territories, the company reported. The gate, globe, and commercial check valves have bolted bonnets and are bronze mounted with renewable discs and seats, and upgraded graphite packing and body gaskets. Butterfly and gate valve sizes range from 2 in. to 24 in. Globe and check valve sizes range from 2 in. to 12 in.

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Fifth Generation Spectrometer

SPECTRO Analytical Instruments introduced the SPECTRO MIDEX MID05

spectrometer. The spectrometer is a fifth-generation, fast, accurate, small-spot energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) analyzer for precious metal testing, the company reported. It incorporates the latest developments in ED-XRF detector technology using high count rate and high resolution. Benefits include high precision, ease of use, reliability, improved speed, compact design and global support, the company reported.

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Blasthole Pre-treatment Lubricates, Seals

Blastboss released Holeguard, a multi-function blasthole pre-treatment that, the company reported, combats poor collaring, hole decay and wall instability. Holeguard is a concentrated micro-emulsion of water soluble co-polymers designed to deliver maximum drilling efficiencies by reducing friction, increasing cuttings removal, sealing drill collars for dust control and stabilizing blast hole walls to minimize wall collapse. Holeguard is supplied as a liquid dispersion formulation that reacts rapidly at minimal dosage rates, penetrating deep into the strata surrounding a blast hole and providing lubrication to the hole, increasing the lifting capacity for cuttings transportation and encapsulating water sensitive clays or shales, the company reported.

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Software Integration Unites Production With Finance

RPMGlobal (RPM) integrated two of its digital mine offerings, AMT and XERAS Enterprise, bringing together production, maintenance, simulation and financial planning offerings. The integration of AMT and XERAS Enterprise breaks down the divisions of maintenance, production and finance. AMT features the Dynamic Lifecycle Costing (DLCC) engine. DLCC is the process of real-time forecasting every maintenance event for an asset to the end of its useful life. XERAS Enterprise is a zero-based budgeting solution and enterprise platform. With SAP-certified integration, XERAS Enterprise delivers a live forecasting environment. XERAS Enterprise also delivers cost-driver, scenario and what-if analysis straight out of the box, the company reported.

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Equipment Gallery - October 2017

Cat MD6310.jpg

New Rotary Blasthole Drill

Caterpillar announced its new MD6310 rotary blasthole drill enables efficiency and productivity improvements. Cat electronics deliver advanced troubleshooting for efficient drill operation and scalable automation, the company reported. The building blocks include drill assist, semiautonomous and remote-control operation, and machine health reporting. Ideal for 12-meter (m) and 15-m bench heights, the rig is application-built for efficient single-pass drilling down to 13.7 m (44.9 ft) or 17.5 m (57.4 ft), depending on mast configuration. It offers up to 30° angle holes for cast blasting.

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KPI IMG_2965 Edited.jpg

Filter Kits for Mobile Equipment

Kolberg-Pioneer Inc. (KPI) has new filter kits for all of its equipment that improve engine performance in dusty environments. The filter kits cover all access doors and openings. They can be easily retrofitted to any model. The filter media is replaceable using a simple retention system with positive locking pins and clips. The media can also be purchased in bulk.

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Volvo Penta.jpg

Tests Prove Off-road Engine Runs at 315 kW

Volvo Penta announced higher power output for its latest 11-liter diesel engine, now rated at up to 315 kW, from the initial 285 kW. The higher power output has been verified through extensive testing. The engine features a matching exhaust after treatment system that complies with forthcoming European Union Stage V emissions regulations. It is equipped with a fixed-geometry turbo. The air inlet throttle, together with the uncooled exhaust gas recirculation, and the electrical exhaust pressure governor deliver highly effective heat management of the engine, the company reported. This enables the system to function without the need to inject fuel into the exhaust stream.

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Cone Feeder Reduces Needed Equipment

Deister Machine Co. Inc. introduced the new EMCO 360 Crusher Optimizer Feeder, a two-mass electromechanical vibrating feeder. Featuring a 360° discharge opening, the unit distributes a homogeneous feed to cone crushers, keeping cones choke-fed for optimum efficiency, greater manganese wear life, improved production rates, and the consistent yield of a more cubicle product. The feeder eliminates the need for two pieces of equipment, the traditional flat pan feeder and a rotating feed distributor, the company said. Its design incorporates the action of the rotating feed distributor to evenly distribute the material into the cone to minimize uneven rock buildup within the crusher. It is available in a range of sizes and capacities.

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Light Tipper Body For Indian Market Ups Payloads

SSAB Shape released the 20.3-m3 Mining Tipper body for the Indian market. It is 20% lighter than existing solutions in India, upping payload by 1.3 tons, SSAB reported. The body was manufactured by one of India’s largest truck trailer manufacturers, an SSAB partner, and the first body producer in India to join the Hardox in My Body network of producers. Scania is promoting the body on the Scania P440 8x4 Mining Tipper.

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Dyno Nobel.jpg

New Version of Explosive Engineers’ Mobile App

Dyno Nobel released a new version of its Explosives Engineers’ Mobile App. Key features include complete product specifications and application uses for Dyno Nobel products; custom blasting calculators; real-time Dyno Nobel updates; unit conversions, blast design terminology, definitions and formulas; worldwide accessibility to all features.

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Rockwell Drives.jpg

New Drives Have Smaller Footprint

Rockwell Automation unveiled the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 6000 medium-voltage AC drives for compressors, pumps and fans. The drives deliver a voltage range of 2.4 to 11 kilovolts (kV) and provide 100% starting torque, leveraging sensor-less vector control. The drives can be used for applications with output-voltage ratings up to 11 kV and motor current ratings up to 680 amps, while remaining an air-cooled design. With eco-designed main cooling fans, the drives meet EC Regulation 327 and ErP Directive 2009. A tertiary winding on the isolation transformer provides internal power for the fans.

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Void Scanner Update

Renishaw released a new version of the Void Scanner cavity monitoring system. It produces fast, accurate 3-D laser scans of voids where access is limited, dangerous or prohibited, the company reported. System improvements include better internal gearings, enhanced point cloud quality and surfacing, and improved data accuracy for better on-site decision-making, the company reported.

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Button Bit Series Beats Predecessor Competition

Robit released its Evolution button bit series for use in tunneling and drift applications. Testing on Scandinavian granite yielded grinding intervals up to 60% longer and a lifetime increase of 20% over conventional hard rock button bits, Robit said. The 76-mm Retrac button bit features a new face design ensuring uniform pressure distribution and efficient flushing, both of which reduce bit erosion, the company reported. The 102-mm bits were tested on hard and abrasive rock formations in Pennsylvania with results that revealed a doubling of achieved meters over previous models, the company said.

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System for Customizing Truck Bodies

Philippi-Hagenbuch announced deployment of Predictive Load, a system that customizes HiVol and Load Profiled truck bodies per customer specifications. The system considers the materials and haul cycles to provide accurate analysis of the loads, the company reported. In addition, it considers the loading height and the type of loading equipment the mine is using, since each interacts with a truck body differently. Matching the truck body to the loading height and equipment minimizes damage to the loading equipment as well as the truck body’s sides. It also ensures optimal load centering, which improves the life of the truck chassis and tires as well as reduces damaging impacts from loads. The system also ensures the truck body floor has the appropriate configuration and is angled correctly for sufficient dumping and the greatest practical chute dump clearance.

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Equipment Gallery - September 2017


Rock Breaker System Offers Range of Configurations

Okada America Inc. released the Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom System. It is designed specifically for stationary primary crushing plants as well as mobile and portable plants. The rock breaker system works in unison with impact, jaw and gyratory crushers, assisting these crushers to achieve their rated capacities, the company reported.

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Wet Filter Press Features Dual Capabilities

Micronics Engineered Filtration Group debuted the MicroPress. The 150-millimeter (mm) filter press is available both as a rental unit for pilot testing and for purchase as a small, bench-scale filtration unit.

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Thermo Scientific.jpg

Detector Works in Wet Conductive Materials

ThermoFisher Scientific unveiled the Ramsey Oretronic IV tramp metal detector, which is designed to work with belt conveyors that move minerals, iron pellets, coal, aggregates and other bulk materials. It can detect all types of metallic scrap, including bucket teeth, manganese steel mantles, bore crowns, bar scrap, chains and tools. The increased sensitivity in the Oretronic IV detector allows it to identify tramp metal buried in wet conductive materials quickly and accurately, the company reported.

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Tough Truck Beds Can Be Customized

Besler Industries announced the 6000 and 8000 Series Flatbeds. They are designed with utility features, and are made with 11-gauge deck plate, 4-in. channel stringers and 3/16-in. by 3-in. channel cross members.

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Tsubaki configurator.jpg

Online Attachment Chain Configurator is Launched

U.S. Tsubaki Power Transmission launched its web-based Attachment Chain Configurator. The tool, like its predecessor, enables users to configure the attachment chain needed, download CAD files and request a quote for that specific chain.

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Cast Iron, TEFC Motors for Severe Duty

Nidec Motor Corp. launched the World Motor line of cast iron horizontal, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC) motors. Comprised of the Hostile Duty, Corro-Duty, and 841 PLUS product lines, World Motor products are built to withstand a variety of severe-duty applications. The motors offer global functionality that meet or exceed National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) or International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, the company reported.

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Turbine Generator Converts Pipeline Flow to Watts

ClearPower North America launched the M Series industrial turbine generator (ITG) for the mining industry. The ITG-M Series allows mining companies to utilize their existing gravity-fed pipelines or outfalls to convert water and selective water slurry flows into a source of sustainable, renewable, low-cost electricity.

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Light Tower Series Runs 155 Hours

Allmand Bros. Inc. released the Night-Lite V Series light towers. The ROI-driven, vertical mast design is built specifically to provide efficiency, durability and performance, the company reported. The rental-grade Night-Lite V Series boasts a longer run time and brighter output than competitive units in its class, and is strong enough for repeated deployments, Allmand Bros. reported.

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Flow Switch Detects Dry Conditions

Fluid Components International (FCI) introduced the FlexSwitch FLT93 Flow Switch, which detects dry-running conditions. The dual-alarm FLT93 Flow Switch reliably monitors the flow and temperature of liquids, gases, slurries and more. It is ideal for pump wet/dry detection, where sudden, unexpected reductions in media flow rates may leave pumps vulnerable to over-heating conditions, the company reported.

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Plate Turns Side Dump Bucket to General Purpose

Rockland Manufacturing Co. unveiled its patent-pending removable dump plate, which allows operators to quickly transform the side dump bucket (SDB) into a general-purpose bucket.

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Torque Measuring Device Without Batteries

Rexnord announced Monitorq, a robust and reliable torque measuring device that can be integrated into a drive line using standard power transmission products such as couplings, pulleys and gears. It is comprised of a strain-gauged torque ring and an E-90 Sensor. The E-90 Sensor provides the torque ring with inductive power and receives a radio signal back from it. The radio signal is converted into an output signal proportional to torque that can be directly connected to a control system, or shown on a dedicated screen.

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Flow Transmitter for Remote, Limited-power Sites

AW-Lake Co. and SignalFire Wireless Telemetry introduced the Intrinsically Safe Wireless Flow Transmitter. Designed for applications with limited power, the transmitter incorporates an internal high capacity lithium battery that powers the passive inductive flow sensor and radio node for years, even in low temperatures. The flow transmitter can be configured for check-in intervals between five seconds to one hour to save battery life.

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Absence of Voltage Tester

Panduit Corp. announced the North American release of its VeriSafe, an absence of voltage tester. VeriSafe is designed to minimize risk to electrical hazards by verifying the absence of voltage before equipment is accessed.

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Equipment Gallery - August 2017

EQ GAL 1.jpg

Autonomous Trucks Up Production 30%

Sandvik unveiled the TH551i and TH6631i autonomous hauling trucks. When paired with the company’s AutoMine Trucking software package, the trucks can increase haulage production at a mine by as much as 30%, the company reported. Multi-machine control and improved operating discipline can reduce operating costs by as much as 50%.

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Programs Digest Drillhole Data

Hexagon Mining unveiled Sigma, a comprehensive package of statistical and geostatistical programs to analyze and evaluate drillhole, blasthole, and model data. The package is fully integrated with MineSight Torque and MineSight 3D to produce sophisticated and customizable reports, charts and graphs.

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thyssenkrupp kubria adustable stroke.jpg

Cone Crushers Get Adjustable Stroke

All thyssenkrupp Kubria cone crushers now come standard with an adjustable stroke. Previously, the adjustable stroke feature was offered on only the Kubria 150 and 210 models. This will allow operators to change the stroke of the crusher shaft without needing to replace parts of the eccentric drive unit. An adjustment can be executed concurrently while replacing the crushing tools.

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RIPPER-Mining Series Xcentric Ripper.jpg

Hydraulic Rippers are Low Maintenance

Xcentric Ripper International (XRI) offers XR82, XR52 and XR42 hydraulic rippers. These models are part of the company’s mining series, featuring a patented system that increases production by 80% over the competition, the company reported. Machines in the series are claimed to be virtually maintenance free, water resistant and less noisy than other digging tools. Although the mining series uses the same basic technology as the standard series, the mining models have been designed to provide greater impact force at lower frequency. The XR42 features a hydraulic working pressure of 24 megapascals (MPa); the XR52 is rated at 28 MPa; the XR82 is rated at 30 MPa.

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Gladiator Admittance image.jpg

Tank Switch Detects Level

Hawk Measurement introduced the Gladiator Smart Admittance Level Switch, which detects the level of liquids, slurries, powders or solids in a tank or vessel. Able to operate at temperatures up to 450°C, the unit measures the capacitance or admittance between a probe and the wall of the container. As the level of the product rises to the level of the probe, or drops below that level, the capacitance measured at the probe changes. The Gladiator detects this change and produces an output.

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Haulage Software Facilitates Optimization

RPMGlobal released HAULSIM 2.5, a digital mine management software suite that allows users to conduct virtual tests. The new version features the Fleet Planner and Cornering Speed functionalities. Fleet Planner analyzes the haul cycle against productivity requirements. With it, the user can virtual-trial different fleet sizes and configurations. Cornering Speed analyses every path to estimate the radius of the corners for determining optimal speed limits.

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Gateways Increase IoT Data Flow

Emerson announced its dual-mode wireless gateway which, the company reported, supports both IEC 62951 WirelessHART and ISA100.11a industrial wireless communications standards.

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3-D Scanner for Plants

ASGCO announced the Point Cloud Laser Scanner, a Focus3D X 130 HDR 3-D scanner that delivers realistic and true-to-detail scan results, the company reported. It looks at thousands of points along the clearance plane.

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SHOWER - SE-8000.674-HR.jpg

Mammoth Tank for Emergency Shower

Speakman introduced the Gravityflo Emergency Tank Shower, with a 2,000-liter (528-gallon) tank to meet worker safety standards on a job site with no or poor water pressure, the company reported. The tank is designed for older facilities or sites where the pipes cannot produce the 20 gallons per minute flow requirement.

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CPBPC Spray Coating Prevents Corrosion

SPI Performance Coatings announced EonCoat, a spray-applied inorganic coating engineered to prevent corrosion. When applied to carbon steel, an alloy of stable oxides forms that will not react with the environment, the company reported. It resists corrosion, water, abrasion, impact, chemicals, fire, and temperatures up to 930°C with a topcoat. EonCoat also manufactures a high temperature version that provides protection up to 550°C.

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Handrail Prevents Entanglement

Superior released the Safety Handrail, which mounts to all idler frames and helps prevent entanglement in belting. Depending on local standards, operators can use the Safety Handrail in place of an e-stop cable, the company reported.

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Kirk Key Padlock.jpg

Padlock Can Enhance Safety Interlock Effectiveness

Kirk launched a new padlock that can be combined with the company’s other heavy-duty series interlocks to create a comprehensive safety system for extreme industrial environments.

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Caulk Resists Common High-pH Chemicals

Pelseal Technologies, a manufacturer of high-performance liquid fluoroelastomer coatings, adhesives, sealants and caulks, has introduced Pelseal A1104, an AFLAS fluoroelastomer caulk that is designed to resist alkalis, aminos and other high pH chemicals. The company stated the new Pelseal caulk is not only resistant to strong bases, but also has excellent oil and fuel resistance and can withstand a broad temperature range beyond 400°F. Common applications for the caulk include joint and crack sealant for concrete secondary containment areas, pipe, and flange sealant in chemical processing areas and maintenance and repair of equipment where high pH chemicals are present. Pelseal A1104 is a one-part product and is supplied in a standard-size caulk tube (325 ml). Each caulk tube is also resealable with a screw-in cap.

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