Equipment Gallery - March 2017

Remote Control Beam Relines Grinding Mills Safely

Outotec unveiled the 7-Axis Beam Mill Reline Machines (MRMs), lifting machinery designed to replace wearable grinding mill lining systems. The MRMs fully comply with the European Machinery Directive for safety, the company reported.
Main features include radio remote control, feedback screen, electrohydraulic proportional control system, powered travel and rotation of the liner cart, rail or tire drive options, safety rated control components, and an alignment camera system for grapple (optional).

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Crawler Carriers Get Bigger Payload Capacity

Prinoth announced increased payload capacity for the T6, T8 and T12 models. The increase is 20% for the PANTHER T6, 11% of the T8 and 9% for the T12. The vehicles feature a one- or two-person cab, large deck space, and can be equipped with a multitude of specialized attachments, the company reported.

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Rear Ejection Dumping

Hagenbuch’s Rear Eject Bodies are made for underground hauling and where overhead barriers inhibit traditional dumping. The Rear Eject series eliminates the need to raise the body of the truck when in the presence of overhead barriers by instead enabling dumping while in motion. Without moving or raising the truck bed, an ejector blade pushes material toward the rear of the truck, while the tailgate lowers down and material is completely ejected. The unique sweeping action of the blade virtually eliminates all material.

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Handheld Analyzer for Oil

Spectro Scientific introduced Version 5 of the FluidScan portable infrared oil analyzer, which enables users to determine when oil is contaminated or degraded. The new version is more sensitive, analyzes faster, and draws on a larger body of archive data than previous versions, the company reported. Only one drop of oil is needed for on-site analysis, which eliminates the wait caused by outsourcing analysis to third-party labs.

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Extended-life LHD Tire

Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, released the MST 776, a new underground mining tire for load haul dumps (LHDs). When tested in controlled conditions, the tire showed 15% better life and 2% better heat resistance than the industry benchmark, the company reported.

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Rugged IoT Controllers

Divelbiss Corp. introduced the HEC-P6000 Family of controllers, enabling machine control, data logging and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity in the harshest environments, the company reported. As a part of the VersaCloud connectivity solution, HEC-P6000 controllers have 14 digital inputs, 14 digital outputs, four analog inputs and two analog outputs. If additional input/output (I/O) is required, the CAN and serial ports may be utilized to communicate to expansion I/O or additional controllers.

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Software Encrypts Networks 

Bedrock Automation announced Cyber-shield 2.0, which extends its intrinsic cyber security protection to networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and third-party applications. The firmware enables authentication and encryption of I/O networks and field devices, and it protects compliant networks and user applications such as controller configuration, engineering and SCADA.

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Joy Announces New Services • Crusher Design Protects Users, Inspectors • Engineered Alloys • Custom Screen Liners Offer Durability • Dual Action Pump Drains Drums in Minutes • Boards Expand Belt Monitoring System Capability • Safety Goggles Block Dust, Channel Water • Website Presents Solutions, Advice Regarding Dropped Objects

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100-Ton Hauler Saves Fuel, Nixes Maintenance Hazards •  Shovel Control Software Reduces Operator Faults • Excavator Has ‘Best-in-Class’ Engine Power and Breakout Force •  Standardized Motor Design for Quick Availability •  Data Management Software Features Automation •  Hauler Truck Tire Line has Improved Durability • Roller Tracker Corrects Conveyor Belt Drift

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Dozer Offers More Horsepower, Faster Cycles, Less Downtime • GPS-steered Excavation Machine Uses Mine-by-line Planning •

Dipper Payload-sensing System Gives ‘High Fidelity’ Measurements • Software Advance Organizes Data From 3-D Survey Scans •

Emissions-free Longwall System Designed For Low Seam Deposits • Generation 4 Tires Field Tested for North American OTR Market • 

Custom Liner System Prevents Freezing • Textile Belting Provides ‘Strength of Steel’ • Advanced Sheet Rubber to Better Protect Equipment

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