Enhanced Cab for Rotary Blasthole Drill Line

Bucyrus is offering an enhanced operator’s cab for the its 49HR line of rotary blasthole drills. The cab enhancements, according to the company, are predicated upon the premise that drill operators work more efficiently when they are comfortable and alert, so a major aspect of Bucyrus’s reconfiguration of the 49HR controls and console centered on improved ergonomics and comfort for operators. Bucyrus has incorporated a six-way adjustable seat with a mechanical swing suspension into the cab design. In addition, in-seat controls are included, allowing operators to work in an ergonomically correct position. All primary controls for drill operation are included on the in-seat control panels, while secondary controls are on a separate control panel also within reach of the seated operator. The operator’s on-board monitor is programmed for enhanced visibility in all conditions, including direct sunlight and night conditions. Likewise, operator screens are positioned to facilitate easy viewing without associated head and neck movement by drill operators. Bucyrus also has addressed cognitive ergonomic hurdles with improved programming—for example, “Active Logic Screens” for all major drill functions. These screens allow drill operators to view and follow permissives to facilitate proper functioning of a given drill operation. In addition, the preset programs for “Program Drill Control” (auto-drilling) have been increased from five programs to 20, covering more operating parameters than its predecessor. Both the Active Logic Screens and Program Drill Control enhancements incorporated universally recognized symbols which further contribute to their intuitive usability. www.bucyrus.com

Electric Belt Cutter Speeds Installation and Repair

Flexco has introduced an electric conveyor belt cutter, designed to provide quick and easy cuts on all types of belting from the softest of natural rubbers to the hardest constructed solid woven PVC and fabric plied belts, according to the company.

The belt cutter is available in two sizes: the EBC1 is capable of cutting a rubber belt up to 1-in. (25 mm) thick and up to a maximum 360 P.I.W. (630 N/m) on PVC belts while the EBC2 cuts rubber belts up to 2-in. (50 mm) thick and up to a maximum 1,140 P.I.W. (2,000 N/m) on PVC belts. The units’ high-speed, steel blade is dual angled for a smooth, accurate cut and is protected by a spring-loaded blade guard for enhanced worker safety. The cutters allow for longitudinal cuts as well as angled cuts. Flexco says the sealed ball bearings that support the belt during cutting provide nearly friction-free feeding of the cutter on the cutting surface, requiring minimal effort by the operator. The cutter can be easily adapted for either right or left hand operation. www.flexco.com

DrillNav Updated

Leica Geosystems has released Leica DrillNav Plus 3.0, its drill navigation and monitoring solution. This product, according to the company, allows users to track consumables such as drill bits, shock subs, steels, hammer and deck bushes to determine their lifespan vs meters drilled. DrillNav Plus now also supports boom-type drill set-ups, giving HP-GPS navigation and downhole monitoring to a wider range of drill rigs. Improving site safety, warning zones are represented on the operator’s navigation map when safety is compromised, and a warning message appears in the center of the operator’s screen alerting them to potential dangers. Operators can view their key performance indicators onscreen, in real-time, with their progress displayed as a percentage. Every operator on every drill also now can see the real-time movements and hole progression of all other drills that are working with them on the same pattern. This improves safety and enhances productivity. The system’s prior leveling screen setup has been replaced with a new “leveling bubble,” allowing operators to benefit from better drill control as well as panning and zooming features. The leveling screen shows the bubble to be green when inside a configured tolerance, and red when outside. In addition, an alarm message appears in the center of the operator’s screen to warn them if the actual mast angle does not match the planned mast angle. www.leica-geosystems.com

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