Compact Hand-Powered Pipe Fusion Machines

McElroy says its new DynaMc Hand Pump (HP) machines provide the power and pressure required to butt-fuse pipes sized 2-in. IPS to 12-in. DIPS (63 mm to 340 mm) with a hand-powered pump. The double-action hand pump, paired with high-velocity cylinders, creates faster carriage speeds for critical opening and closing during the fusion process. The DynaMc 28, 250 and 412 HPs—each available in two- and four-jaw configurations—come with an easy-lift cradle that can be removed to make the machine smaller for tight working environments. The electric facer that comes with the HP units can be loaded from either side of the fusion machine.

Polymer-Based Thin Spray-On Liner for Mining

The Meyco Global Underground Construction business of BASF has introduced a new, elastic polymer-based thin spray-on liner (TSL) for protection against weathering of soil and rock. Meyco says its TSL 865 thin spray-on liner offers excellent bond to concrete, rock and coal, providing reinforcement and stabilization for a variety of underground applications. The liner is mixed with water in the spraying nozzle, hitting the substrate as a paste and setting within five to 10 minutes, tack free. The product will generate tensile and bond strength over the subsequent hours, days and weeks. Combined with its high elasticity, the liner is claimed to substantially improve ground stability and stand-up time while providing important safety benefits. The spray-on liner may also be used for rock reinforcement in preliminary slope protection, binding the surface before the area is ready for sprayed concrete. According to the company, it can protect against hard rock strain bursting, reduce air-slaking and rock weathering, rehabilitate collapsed areas, and otherwise help maintain the integrity of the mine.

200-Ton-Capacity Gear Puller

Posi Lock’s hydraulic line featuring patented “Safety Cage design” has again been expanded to include a four-jaw, 200-ton puller. The PH-200T puller’s jaws have a reach of 50 in. (1,219 mm) and a spread range from 8 in. (203.2 mm) to 52.5 in. (1,333.5 mm). The hydraulic-powered dual mast lift cart will extend from ground to 5 ft (1,524 mm). The puller can be removed from the cart and can be used in either horizontal or vertical position. Jaws are hydraulically guided by the safety cage and jaw tips can be manually adjusted for optimal contact with the pulling surface. Operator convenience and safety is further enhanced with a two-stage electric pump featuring a 10-ft remote jog switch.

Mine-Scheduling Software

Runge has released the latest version of its short-term scheduling solution, Xact 1.4, in North America. The product, according to the company, provides tools to create more detailed and accurate operations schedules for both underground and opencut mines in less time. Xact is designed to address the dynamic nature of short-term scheduling, allowing operational staff to monitor and report on progress of mining operations. The program is designed to be used for all types of mines and mineral deposits, providing users a tool that provides a central repository for scheduling data and logic. This allows mining engineers to construct, analyze and update short-term mining schedules on a regular basis using databases, Gantt charts, plots and reports. The program’s presentation and reporting tools allow inventory and quality reports to be created, updated and run using any time scale. Xact also provides input into other Runge products including XPAC medium- to long-term planning software; the XERAS financial modeling and re-forecasting application; and Mining Dynamics, an enterprise management application for mining.

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