OTR Truck Package With Quick-change Body Feature

Western Star Trucks announced the availability of its new Extreme Duty (XD) Off-road package and the launch of the MBT-40 Transformer chassis. The XD Off-road package is engineered specifically for extremely rugged environments and is available on Western Star’s 4900 and 6900 models. (The company said it plans to offer the XD Off-road package on other models in the future.) The 6900XD Off-road MBT-40, dubbed the Multibody Transformer for its ability to quickly change from one fully functional in-cab controlled body application to another, is the first XD Offroad series offering from Western Star and a new concept for off-road equipment markets. Using a Palfinger G68 hooklift with a lifting capacity of 68,000 lb and a new Transformer package, the MBT-40 is designed to eliminate the need for multiple items of dedicated off-road equipment that may sit, unused, for long periods on a job site. With this new product, complex and high-capacity bodies can be changed over and back to work quickly and easily, according to the company.

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Midsized Loader Has Payload and Fuel Efficiency Improvements

Komatsu America recently introduced the new WA500-8 wheel loader. Equipped with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 Final certified engine, this model includes upgrades that enable users to achieve low fuel consumption and high travel speeds. Standard bucket capacity is increased to 7.6 yd3 (5.8 m3) and the bucket now fills easier and retains material better, contributing to productivity gains of up to 10%. Also, by optimizing control of engine power and improving power train and hydraulic efficiency, the WA500-8 consumes up to 5% less fuel than its Tier 4 interim predecessor. The WA500-8 is sized and designed for loading smaller rigid trucks and articulated trucks or load and carry applications.

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Unload Heavy Bulk Bags Quickly, Safely

The BPS MTD-4K bulk bag discharger is designed for unloading very large capacity bulk bags. Built with 4-in. tubular construction, the robust design of this discharger allows for unloading of bulk bags up to 4,000-lb (1,800-kg) capacity.

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New Roller Solves Belt Carryback Problems

Superior Industries offers a new solution for removing carryback material from the return side of a conveyor belt system—the Urathon Beater Roll. The unit’s design couples a common, CEMA-rated return idler and a series of urethane lobed discs; in operation, these discs cause mild vibration, which dislodges carryback material from the conveyor belt.

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