New Compressors Talk to the Internet

Ingersoll Rand unveiled its new RS30 and RS37 models, described as the first in a series of next generation oil-flooded, rotary screw air compressors for use in a wide range of industrial plant applications. According to the company, the new compressors improve performance through a state-of-the-art air end. The new air end design was developed through advanced analytics and modeling, and includes an optimized rotor profile that provides up to an 18% efficiency improvement compared with previous models.

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Valve Controllers Get Software Upgrade

Emerson has enhanced the software for its Fisher Fieldvue DVC6200 series digital valve controllers, which are now available for use in applications that employ PLCs and Profibus communications as the dominant protocol. It has also been tested and integrated for use with multiple Field Device Tool (FDT) host systems. The Fieldvue DVC6200p digital valve controller with Device Type Manager (DTM) software supports control valve startup, commissioning and diagnostic activities.

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Gear Monitoring System Collects Vital Data

Siemens has unveiled Flender Gearlog—its digital measurement technology for gear sets, allowing the capture of values relating to rotational speed, torque, temperature and in future versions, vibration using special sensors. Flender Gearlog comprises a software solution linked to a hardware component and sensor equipment. Measurement results are logged, saved and digitally depicted in compressed form. Operators are able to visualize the results at any time or access them as a dataset. The full transparency of operating data provided by the system enables it to be used to identify possible sources of damage, capacity reserves and overloading for the measured gear.

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