Angkor Gold and a Golden Rule for Sustainability in Southeast Asia

Angkor has recently helped build a health clinic.By Joseph Kirschke, News Editor-Mining

In 2009, Angkor Gold Corp. first arrived in Cambodia with joint venture (JV) partner Liberty Mining International Pty. Ltd. of Australia not knowing entirely what to expect beneath the surface. But persistence has paid off: the Canadian junior now sits atop seven licenses strongly suggesting copper-molybdenum-porphyry mineralization and a drilling campaign pending 2015. “Geochemistry is compelling,” said CEO Mike Weeks. “There are unequivocal gold, copper and molybdenum anomalies.”

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Newmont Gives Glittering Opportunities for Ghana’s Talent

A total of 284 apprentices have graduated or are enrolled in Newmont’s program in Ghana.By Joseph Kirschke, News Editor-Mining

Since Portuguese navigators first arrived in the 15th century, mining, production and export of gold have been integral to Ghana’s history. Through the later christening of a “Gold Coast” by British colonialists and the emergence of sub-Saharan Africa’s first sovereign nation in 1957, Ghana today also hosts the continent’s No. 2 reserves of the ore.

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Improving Tribal-corporate Relations in the Mining Sector

By Joseph Kirschke, News Editor-Mining

A new white paper by Harvard’s Project on American Indian Economic Development, On Improving Tribal-Corporate Relations in the Mining Sector (Kennedy School April 2014) documents long, fascinating histories and synergies of mining developments involving Native American lands across 48 states in the United States. But by heralding lessons learned for any miner with any stake in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it’s a must-read, too.

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Book Review—Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is Plundering the Planet by Ugo Bardi

CSR Book-CoverBy Joseph Kirschke, News Editor-Mining

It was initially commissioned as a peer-reviewed report for the Club of Rome, an esteemed think tank boasting global leaders in academia, business, politics and science. Nonetheless, Ugo Bardi’s 304-page book, Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is Plundering the Planet, (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2014) reads every bit like mainstream journalism—indeed, sometimes like a gripping novel.

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