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From the Editor – Steve Fiscor – June 2018

The Stretch Assignment
Having attended the three largest mining trade shows worldwide so far this year, it’s easy to spot some trends in dialogue. One of them involves women in mining. The annual Society of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (SME) conference hosted a breakfast panel discussion (See Women in Mining, p. 74). The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) planned a session on sponsorships for women in mining, but canceled it due to allegations related to scandalous behavior by one of its sponsors, which was exposed by the #MeToo movement. The largest exposition in Latin America, Expomin, also held a similar discussion, which was well attended.
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From the Editor – Steve Fiscor – May 2018

Competing for Investment Dollars
In this month’s edition, E&MJ offers a profile of the gold mining industry with reporting on the activity among the majors. The difficulties the gold sector faces exemplify the issues affecting most of the mining industry, a lack of exploration and development investment. The reserve base among the gold majors is shrinking and no new major discoveries have been made. That can be directly attributed to a lack of greenfield investment.
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