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Mining Operations & Strategies

Suppliers Report

For more than 30 years, the Hilliard Corp. has supplied braking systems for draglines, electric shovels, conveyors, mine hoists and mills. Now, the New York, USA-based company is set to unveil new...
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Mining Equipment Gallery

Marcotte Mining has completed development of an ultra-high scissor lift that the company said exceeds standard underground capabilities. Designed to provide a safe work platform for installation of...

Nuggets to Neutrinos

The discovery of gold in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 1874 by members of the Custer Expedition sparked a gold rush that helped precipitate the Great Sioux War of 1876-77. The war culminated with the Battle of the Little Bog Horn and the expropriation of the Black Hills from the Great Sioux Resrvation. The famous Homestake mine in Lead, S.D., was located in April 1876 during th infancy of the gold rush. George Hearst and other California capitalists purchased the mine in 1877. Throughout its life, the mine produced 40 million oz of gold before being closed in 2001.

All of this is revealed in a new book, Nuggets to Neutrinos: The Homestake Story, written by Steven T. Mitchell. A native and life-long resident of the Black Hills (and long-time E&MJ reader), Mitchell graduated from the South Dakato School of Mines with a BS and MS in Mining Engineering. During his mining career with the Homestake Mining Co., he held various engineering and management positions at the Homestake mine. The book was written by a miner for miners.

Much has been written about the Black Hills (Custer) Expedition of 1874, but only a few authors have described how the Black Hills were expropriated for the benefit of the U.S. and miners in particular, Mitchell explained. “Unfortunately, the entire Homestake story has not been told to date, primarily because of the longevity of the mine and the seemingly abstruse and arcane nature of much of the historical information,” Mitchell said. “Although the final chapter about Homestake’s mining history has been closed, a new chapter about science has opened.” Today the 8,000-ft deep underground mine is being transformed into a science and engineering laboratory where scientists will conduct research on dark matter, astrophysics double beta decay, and solar neutrinos—hence the name, Nuggets to Neutrinos. The 738-page hardcover book is available from Xlibris Corp.

From the Editor

This month, E&MJ offers an in-depth report on Newmont Mining Corp. When gold prices started to decline, the company began to optimize operations and sell assets. Lowering operating costs allowed it to invest in operations during the downturn and now they are reaping the rewards.
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This Month in Coal Mining

An official for India’s state-owned producer Coal India Ltd. (CIL) revealed that 66 of its 123 most costly projects are facing some kind of delay as the country eyes a target of 20 billion metric...